Flamco, the Dutch market leader in components used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, believes in the quality of every single one of its products. Flamco asked us to generate more demand for two products that were, at the time, not yet released on the market. 

Together with Flamco’s marketing people, we added their two new products, the Flamco Flexcon Premium (expansion vessel with new synthetic membrane) and the Flamco XStream (air and dirt filter for heating systems) to the overall picture as if they were already there. 

Tripling the odds

This is a typical example of a pull factor strategy. The challenge we faced with this project was the diverse target audience. The end user is the homeowner, but it is often the installer or the housing corporation that gets to choose the brand. That is why we chose to focus on three target groups: homeowners, installers of boilers, and buyers. 

Broad online campaign 

The basis of the campaign was an informative landing page where we published SEO texts to improve the organic traceability. We then launched a Google Ads campaign, added a portion of video advertisements, and a tailor-made LinkedIn campaign. Our creative firestarters handpicked some excellent images that would fire up the target audience. 

Big brother

We love to measure because we believe that measuring equals understanding. We used SalesFeed to monitor the targeting of companies. SalesFeed identifies companies through their IP address and their chamber of commerce registration number. That enables us to recognize web traffic and know which companies have made an online visit. 

We tracked: 

  • which companies preferred which pages compared to other companies.
  • which channel generated the most leads and visits of identified companies. 
  • which search query was used by visitors to get to the landing page through Search advertising. 

A surprising result: 46% of those showing interest were installers. 

A warm welcome to the market 

What set this case apart was the fact that engagement was the trigger for conversion. And this worked. Flamco lovers are now 200% aware of the two new products, a result that has led us to the conclusion that there is a clear latent demand.