Copaco is on cloud nine. The cloud services of this ICT giant from Eindhoven are thriving. Copaco asked us to explicitly generate new leads for the resellers of their cloud services. A piece of cake, you might think, especially thanks to our experiences with our own cloud service. 

Distinctive brand 

For some years now, Copaco’s cloud services have been running very well, but without getting too much attention. In fact, they’ve been running so well that the company has even won multiple awards for the ‘best cloud distributor of the year’. Until recently, Copaco only offered its cloud services online through their website 2tCloud. But this unit has so much potential that we proposed launching a new and independent brand for these cloud services. So we followed our Brand Impact methodology and developed a creative brand concept that included a brand positioning strategy. 

Going on a customer journey

To demonstrate to Copaco the typical itinerary that their customers would make, we invited them to accompany us on a customer journey session. Based on the See-Think-Do-Care model, we analysed the relevant ‘touchpoints’ between the customer and the brand. With these points functioning as our compass, we were able to plan the ideal route that would guide our online marketing strategy.

Help in decision making

And that’s when the new ‘Onniva independent cloud solutions’ brand saw the light of day. A fresh and dynamic name, accompanied and reinforced by the pay-off line ‘Come on, hop on!’. In other words: jump aboard and we’ll navigate you to the best cloud solution in the universe. On the Onniva website, customers will find a decision making tool just waiting for them to ask questions such as: Are you looking for a partner or a solution? Are you an explorer or an expert? The answers you give direct you to the best solutions and/or reseller for the cloud solutions. Very handy!


Onniva got off to a flying start, somewhat helped by the onset of the coronavirus. This resulted in an explosive growth in the demand for cloud solutions as so many people began working from home. 
In the follow-up strategy, the focus shifted to retargeting. New data allowed us to improve our understanding of the target audience. This enabled us to better reach and persuade Onniva’s customers. We can also keep a close eye on any indecisive clients. 

The magic mix

• UX-website        
• Platform
• Display bannering
• Video
• Social media
• SEA en SEO

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