Brand and campaign concept

It all begins with your brand

Your brand is the foundation of everything you say and do. At least, that's the intention. Only then will your actions and campaigns reinforce each other. We call this brand building.

Sometimes everything is good and we can build on an existing brand concept. But sometimes the brand concept is outdated and can have an inhibiting effect. So then we have to get to work. Maybe there isn’t actually a brand at all yet? We think that's great, because we can then develop it together with you. Whatever the situation, we use our Brand Impact method for your brand concept - you can read all about this method here.

Brand concept

Your brand is not your name, not your logo, not your product, not your campaigns, and not your company or your organization. Those are just things that affect the perception of your brand. Your brand is actually in people's minds and hearts. Preferably those of your target groups. They know you and have an opinion about who you are, what you say, do, and stand for.

Brand Impact

We use our Brand Impact method to develop your brand strategy and brand concept together with you. This has a huge influence on what you do and offer, but let's not worry about that now. Here we want to focus on the brand concept from the communication point of view: what do you say, how do you say it, what image do you want to give, and how do you cultivate who you are and what you stand for?

Brand Concept

We will develop the conceptual-creative basis for your brand. Which brand name or names should we choose? What will the proposition be? How do we load your brand? What should the brand design be? Which way of communicating is best? What tone should we use? How do we structure and load any sub-labels, services and/or products? In fact we look at the complete, broad brand image and fill it in creatively and substantively.

What we deliver is a thoroughly detailed and substantiated, lifelike brand concept. A concept that will serve as the crucial basis for everything your brand says, and the image it portrays, for many years.

Campaign concept

Anyone who still dares to say that good ideas start with good coffee is only half right! They actually start with good coffee and Blue Dragon. Because while coffee is good, have you ever seen a cup set up a campaign? That's why we do it.

Creative concepts

Whatever it is you want your campaign to achieve, you will always need a good concept that goes hand-in-hand with your strategy. Well, we have the creatives who can come up with it for you. People who are able to think as freely as possible, and most importantly without any limits or embarrassment about the range of possibilities. We then pick up the things that loo good and work within the framework of what can, must, and should be done.

Brand design

This enables us to put forward ideas that push boundaries. Ones that get the most out of your campaign budget in terms of return. You might think we’re there then, but let's not forget that we can design everything very impressively too. Because your brand design determines how you’re seen.

We color neatly outside the lines

We don’t like frameworks. Because then there is always someone who gets up and says that something is not possible. That’s why we don’t just think outside the line, but in fact without any lines at all, and so there is always an idea that works. We firmly believe that you should actually enter, as Miley Cyrus would say, ‘Like a wrecking ball’. So as you may have noticed, we definitely don’t skimp on getting noticed.