Online production and activation

From strategy to online production and activation

Ok, we’ve devised your online strategy together. Now it’s time for action. Yes, your brand strategy and campaign strategy is important, but so is the execution. Your strategy can be genius on paper but… if the execution leaves something to be desired, you don't get anything for it. And neither do your potential customers. That is why we put at least as much effort and cleverness into the implementation.

What we do? Well, basically everything.

High rankings in Google? Strong brand stories? Irresistible content? High-profile campaigns? More followers on social media? We do that. But much more. Websites, apps, videos, animations, vlogs, blogs, games, e-mailings… we make it for you and we have everything you need in-house. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything needed to get your message across to your target audiences and activate them. 

Activation in 3, 2, 1…

Everything we make and do is aimed at achieving your online goals. Activating that trade. Literally. Getting in touch with your target groups and making sure they respond to your offer, as well as convert, consume the content, and love your brand even more. How? By making sure you are searched for and found. And by making the user experience even more personal and memorable. By being your voice on social media. And growing your online community. By launching data-driven online activation campaigns that have more light and shade than a piece by Beethoven. And by pulling out all the stops to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Managing, monitoring and optimizing

We don’t just stop at producing and activating. Achieving great success lies in managing and optimizing what you are doing. That is precisely why we set your goals and process them in an annual plan. We plan joint strategy sessions to see if things are going well. And how do we know if we are making good progress? We measure this by scores in the field of conversion, branding, SEO, UX, website performance, content, social media, advertising, etc.

What we say, we deliver

We monitor every campaign, ad, click, like, and any other step that your target group takes. We extract all the relevant insights from all that data and then compare them to your KPIs: what works well and what could be improved? We adjust and optimize so that your goals are achieved. Because what we say, we deliver. Of course we also share all those fantastic results with you. We do this during our performance review meetings.

Ready for an online impact? Let's go, pedal to the metal!