Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization - don't let them get away!

You’re checking your figures in Google Analytics and see that you have set a visitor record today. Nice, but… what have all those people actually done on your website? Of course what you want them to do is: registering for your newsletter, buying a product, or requesting a quote. Otherwise, it is a bit like putting petrol into a diesel car. You are well on your way somewhere when all of a sudden it stops dead leaving you very fed up.

Luckily, help is on the way. We will come to rescue you armed with our conversion optimization tools to make sure your visitors get hooked. And we are also happy to wait until they are ready for it.

Increase your conversions? First you have to follow your visitors

If you wait too long, you can often miss an opportunity. That’s why we follow your visitors and keep an eye on things when a conversion is close. If someone gives up before they press the order button or leaves a shopping basket in the middle of the aisle, then we’ll know why.

The reason why someone doesn’t buy from you can of course vary. Maybe people are not convinced of your product or service, perhaps they don't have the money, or simply because their partner taps them on the shoulder because there are other priorities. All sorts of things can happen.

Test, test, one, two: improve the conversion with A or B

There’s one thing we know for sure - it doesn't have to be because of your website. Because through real-time monitoring, user analysis, and A/B testing, we know exactly what works and what doesn't. Structure, navigation, loading time, ordering process, search function, forms, chat function, reviews, calls-to-actions, words, images… we play and experiment with them all until we find the winning formula. One you should get a gold medal for.

So is that it then? Certainly not! Your market is constantly changing and so are your competitors and your target groups. That’s why we continuously test and optimize your website, app or application.

Conversion optimization: how we do it

Maybe you think you're sales are going really well. That’s until you see that 80% of people walk out of your digital store without buying anything or connecting with you. A real shame. But we can work with you to improve your conversion rate. We can also replenish your stock. Why, because your website will soon be irresistible!

Thanks to conversion optimization:

✓    your website will have exactly the right structure;
✓    your visitors will be able to navigate to the checkout better than the average SatNav;
✓    your loading time will be faster than light;
✓    you will have an order procedure that runs smoothly for everyone;
✓    your content will be so personalized that visitors will think the website was built especially for them.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start to optimize your conversion rates now.