Design is everything

Everything you see around you has been designed. Unless it was made by Mother Nature, then we call it something different. But if it’s something meant for humans, then another person has consciously thought about what it should look like and how it should be put together. That makes us very happy. And you too.

Brand design

The eye is drawn to certain things. We know that. But design is more than just about being beautiful. It has been thought through, sometimes has a hidden joke in it (have you ever seen the arrow in the FedEx logo?), it's easy to use, and search engines love it – not to mention your target audience. Maybe you already have a design, but it’s so outdated that it’s almost hip again. Or maybe you are a young brand and you need a completely new brand design. Who or whatever you are: we've got what it takes.

The communicative power of a look 

Your brand design determines how you are seen. It’s the same with people: you expect something different from someone wearing a smart suit than from someone walking around in jeans and a T-shirt. It’s no different with brands. What your brand looks like determines its image. And that in turn determines who you attract and what these people expect from you.

An effective context for communication and distribution

Design also influences the effectiveness of the environment in which you tell your story or offer your product. Whether it is an app, website, folder, exhibition stand, display banner or TV commercial: the design you go for can have a huge impact on your communications and your conversion rate.

Brand design also looks at, for example, the user experience. What should your webshop look like? How do you get visitors to click on something? Is the routing intuitive? Which visual steps best explain a complex product? What is logical for the user? How can you seduce a visitor? A well thought-out design is crucial here.

Whatever you can think of…

We said it before but design is everything. So even though we mainly focus on (marketing) communication, we actually use our design skills much more widely. For packaging, for example. For (sometimes very technical) 3D animations. For developing characters in a video. Or for gamification. And so on and on.