Achieve big results through play

Sometimes you can achieve the most by involving your target groups in your product or service in a different way. It’s not for nothing that we allow children to learn from an early age by using interactive desks and learning computers. You don’t feel that you are sitting with your nose in the textbooks and yet you still take in a lot of information. It works and that's why we start with it so young. Then you find that you don't want to stop and before you know it you are up to your ears in a brand or something. It's all a matter of making it a game. But with tough goals.

We also use game elements in a non-game environment. It’s a great way to introduce your (potential) customers to your brand, to explain the operation of a machine, or to teach your target group something. You stimulate and motivate by challenging the user and presenting the subject in a different way. In fact, the digital world gives us so many possibilities that it’s a shame to only let your target audience read and watch videos.

From minimal to all-consuming

With gamification, sometimes it’s all about the details, such as a progress bar next to a form. It makes people even more likely to fill in the form completely, just to complete the bar. But, depending on the content, interactive promotions can also fall under gamification. There are many more possibilities, even a real game with all the bells and whistles. This can be done online or in an app where we devise a real game to increase its use and effect.

The main benefits of gamification

Gamification marketing is not only fun, you score for real with it. The most important benefits? Here they are:

  • More effectiveness and returns: gamification helps to achieve better results in a simple way.
  • Higher engagement: gamification can influence your target audience in a playful way and make them more engaged than you could ever imagine.
  • Greater reach: with gamification, people will spend much longer with your brand and will be happy to suggest it to others. If they score a lot of points, people will share it on social media and also ask their friends to join in.

Tag, you’re it 

Are you curious about how we can use gamification to your advantage? How you generate emotions that ensure the best user experience, that makes the customer journey 5-stars, and that make your visitors more loyal than a Labrador? Give us a try!