Brand analysis

Promising positioning starts with questions, questions, and more questions

We want to make sure that your target groups choose you. Enthusiastically! But then we naturally have a lot of questions for you. We want to know who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, what you offer, why you offer it, and why the target groups should purchase your product or service. That’s quite a challenge, but we’re not there yet..

Internal brand analysis?

We also want to know what’s going on with you internally in terms of people, innovation, products and services. What your strengths are, what the pitfalls are. You therefore need to be like an open book with us because everything is built from what’s inside. Is that it? No, because we really do want to know everything.

How is your market doing at the moment?

We also want to know what is happening externally in your market. What are the trends, the developments? Do they give you a boost or slow you down? Where do the real opportunities lie, what are the threats? And of course we want to know who your competitors are, what they do well and where they fail.

Where do you want to go as a brand?

This is equally important. We therefore also want to know everything about your past, what your reputation is, and where you want to go in both the near and distant future. Who you want to be, how do you want to be seen, which brands are an example for you, etc... 

Don’t worry, we have Brand Impact

Yes, that’s a lot of questions. Some can be quite difficult. And then there is also the "etc"…, so endless tedious sessions ahead! Ha, ha, of course not!

Brand development must be done thoroughly. But that can actually be done using a compact method. Ours is called Brand Impact. And with more than 100 brand cases, you can safely call them tested.

Together with you, we will achieve the right Brand Concept in 6 to 8 weeks. We’re talking about the following steps.

Brand Research

Based on the available data and insights or the brand research to be carried out.

Brand Sessions

Brand sessions with your brand vision group.

Brand Challenge

The document in which we record your brand content and brand strategy.

Brand Concept

The brand concept in which everything comes together strategically, creatively and content-wise.

Brand analysis with market research as a starting point

No doubt you have already read what we say about market research. Our Brand Impact approach also relies in part on the results of such research. Perhaps you already have sufficient knowledge or the market research has already been done. But maybe there is insufficient data and insights available to determine your brand loading and brand positioning? No problem, we can still carry out any market research necessary.