Data performance

Data-driven marketing is worth its weight in gold

It’s not only drunks and children that always tell the truth, data does too. That’s why it’s good to have a lot of it and to know what to do with it. Or at least you should. What data do you need to see if you are getting the right results from all your efforts? And what exactly does that data tell you? Can you sit back or is it time to take action? 

We can evaluate data with our eyes shut and therefore know exactly what you need! We keep an eye on your campaigns and the conversion rates. We have already gone through every step that your target group takes. And that produces indispensable reports. To deliver the right impact and order, we employ the following.

Realtime dashboards

People are entering your store, your website is recording the visitor numbers, and the customer satisfaction survey is really delivering. You know all that even if you’re lying on the beach somewhere drinking a cocktail. With your own real-time dashboards, you’ll always have an insight into… well almost everything.

Periodic reports

Almost every organization is data-driven, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. But we get it when, at some point, you can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s why we share periodic reports with you. All the relevant data and insights you need in detailed reports, delivered right to your (digital) doormat. Figures, benchmarks, forecasts, and much more. And all in plain language, because we want everyone to understand them.

Targeted IP marketing

Are you a B2B brand? Then we have something really great for you - IP marketing. We retrieve important information about all the organizations that visit your website. This may sound a bit dark, but honestly it isn’t. With IP trackers and IP marketing tools, we create extensive profiles, determine locations, link the type of company and the details of the Chamber of Commerce to them, and also find out who the decision-makers are. All you then have to do to close the deal is call them.

Strategy sessions

Your strategy is alive and therefore always changing. Well at least it is if you do it right. That’s because everything around you moves. Your market, your sector, your target audience, your competitors, yourself. So if you want to keep on making an impact, you need a dynamic strategy. And we have something really handy for that: strategy sessions.

During these sessions, we use all available relevant data to fine-tune your strategy and determine its course. For example, we investigate new trends and developments, see opportunities from miles away and take them. We also set both short and long-term goals, and incorporate your KPIs into an annual plan. Then, a year or so later, we'll pop the champagne together to celebrate your amazing results.