Motion design

Motion design works wonders

"We recently put a video online in which we…". You haven't finished your sentence before your friend says, "YES! I've seen it. Our friends shared it on WhatsApp and I can't open Facebook anymore without seeing someone else who’s shared or liked it!"

That's exactly what you want. And what we can achieve together. How, you ask? Well it’s the combination of good ideas and impressive motion design. So when we link our motion designers to our concept thinkers, things go really wild!

Unknown possibilities 

Whereas you once had to call the people at Pixar for impressive motion design (and got no further than the secretary), you can now simply call Blue Dragon. We will literally bring your story to life with video, graphics, animation, music, voice, and all kinds of groupings thereof. The insanely good digital skills of our motion designers combined and our creative ideas make virtually anything possible.

From 2D to 3D motion design and from video animation to… well, you name it!

Thanks to the use of motion design, your target audience will experience your brand and your messages in a unique way. You can offer your viewer a really great customer experience before they even become a customer. It also enables you to explain difficult things so simply. From 2D and 3D visualizations and animations, to spectacular video commercials. And from skippable video ads that nobody wants to skip, to remarkable brand movies that really touch people. At Blue Dragon, we edit till we drop!

Show your target audience how it works 

In addition to all those impressive moving images, motion design is also extremely suitable for explaining something. For example, a practical explanation video in which your target group can see exactly how your product, idea or solution works. Motion design enables something to be explained simply and effectively. Even if it is actually very complex.