Social media

Social media management

Social media bring you closer to your target audience - and your target audience closer to you. You can start valuable conversations, keep in touch with your target group, stay close to them, and influence them. If you do this right, the chances are that you will gain access to their lives. But then you first have to listen and learn. We can help you with that.

Branding, sales, commitment, bonding, loyalty… there are plenty of reasons to build a strong social community around your brand. But whatever your goal is, we will achieve it together with a smart, well thought-out strategy.

Social listening: listening is the new calling 

Nowadays we would rather have an empty fridge and no drinking water than no internet! We are online en masse - from our favorite news sites to the most well-known social media. Ideally this is the place where your target group finds you. But it’s also the place where everyone gives their uncensored opinion. And that’s not necessarily always positive.

Where your potential customers are, there you need to be as well. To reach them, to surprise them, and to bind them to you. Not only by transmitting or shouting loudly with the rest, but also by really listening. So enter social listening.

Listening by monitoring

Being talked about is a good sign. Unless of course those 280 characters on Twitter are a less than pleasant message. We all pretend we prefer to be online 24 hours a day, but when push comes to shove, no one wants to be scanning social media for your brand day in, day out. So we work with smart social media tools, such as Coosto, Khoros and Obi4wan. These help us keep a close eye on every movement, interaction, trend and every result. We monitor, measure, analyze and optimize. And if necessary, we adjust your online strategy. All of course in consultation with you.

Social care

As regards 'Listening', anyone who still only thinks of Beyoncé has no choice but to outsource their social media management. Because here it’s a case of: if you don't want to listen, you shouldn't be sensitive – in fact just don't send at all. We can not only manage your online reputation, but also respond smartly to people’s reactions. We can be your voice on social media: listening, empathizing, answering and influencing. Via the right social media channels and at the right time. Always with your tone of voice and in a way that perfectly suits your brand.

Hashtag ‘care’

You login to Twitter and suddenly see that you have 1,318 notifications. A negative tweet about you has gone viral. Three weeks ago. Now what? But if we look after your social media care, we can prevent these kinds of situations. We will answer all questions faster than Fast, like responses, and guide discussions in the right direction. Social care, at your service.

Social media publishing

Your target audience is probably checking their social media more often than they check how their best friends are doing. They are looking for information, likes, what emotions have been released, and you. So you certainly don't want to come up with content that only gets a thumbs up from your mother and four of your employees! That’s why we work with you to build a loyal community around your brand.

How you may ask? Well by setting up a targeted strategy. And by creating content that is relevant and stands out. Something that makes your target group stop scrolling and stand up and take notice. Because those are the moments when you can both bind and activate people. Oh and we also make sure your profiles and channels look nice and slick.