Online advertising

Online advertising means that your target group are always thinking of you 

Have you ever been followed online into a hot summer by a winter coat you actually bought months earlier? Well you can wipe the sweat from your brow, that definitely won’t happen to you with us. Every online advertising campaign is to the point. And yours will be too. With online advertising you are, and always will, remain in the picture with the right audience. But then only at the times when they really want you, and with a message that you want to tell. Whether it concerns social media advertising, Google Ads, display advertising or video advertising.

Online advertising is our thing

You have a great brand or product and you are ready to offer your audience something great. Ok, you now have to reach that audience and get it selling. We can arrange that. It’s simply a question of what do you want?

Social advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… your target audience is online always and everywhere - so you should be too. We will put you in the social media spotlight exactly where your target group is active. And we will send them to you thanks to striking, eye-catching ads and targeted targeting.

Display advertising

Put yourself in the spotlight with amazingly beautiful display banners. From branding to activation, whatever your goal is, we will bring you to the attention of exactly the right target group and convince them to choose your brand. Have you ever seen those cool ads that sometimes take over entire home pages? Well they can be yours. On the most relevant websites.


Don't let a customer slip through your fingers anymore. We will follow your target group closely and then, exactly when they want your product or service, we will bring you back into focus. With, for example, the product that your target group was looking for before, or a related product that fits your new customer completely. That little extra push on Facebook, in search engines, or on relevant websites, for example, makes that conversion easy.

Affiliate marketing, Coolblue, Amazon, FrankWatching, Emerce, De Speld… you too can benefit from the success of the web shops, platforms and blogs that target group is visiting or viewing on a daily basis. We find the very best affiliates who can deliver rock-solid results for you. And we will close the best deal.

Search advertising

Your target audience will be looking for you in that well-known search engine, so you’d better be at the top of the search results. Someone has entered a relevant search query? Bam! There you are, right at the top of Google, with exactly the right words.

Video advertising

The enormous range of video ads makes it impossible not to film them. With accurate targeting, we can reach exactly the right viewer with the right video. From image, sound, voice to special effect - your video ads will transcend the noise and make the right impact. Where, you ask? Well, for example on YouTube, relevant websites or when playing back a program that you’ve missed.

Shopping advertising

Your target audience is ready to buy, is looking for a specific product, and then sees a striking Google Shopping ad with the complete picture, your product photo, the price, delivery conditions, versions and reviews. You’re just one click away from conversion.

Digital advertising: you won't get anywhere without a strategy

Anyone can post an ad. You click on 'Promote Post' on Facebook and ... are disappointed. Online advertising is more than just throwing money down a digital hole and hoping for the best. It’s thinking about who you reach, where they are at that moment in the customer journey, what you should tell them, and which call to action to use. Thankfully, we know the ropes. And your target audience? They want you. So, are you ready to strike?