Campaign strategy

A campaign without a strategy is like a headless chicken. 

You want to launch something. Or increase your brand awareness. Maybe encourage your target group to be more involved. Whatever it is, you want something and you want it to work. They sometimes say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Well, wanting your campaign to achieve something without a rock-solid strategy is… simply daydreaming. A smart campaign strategy is therefore indispensable - but you know that yourself. Because what you really want is results. That's good, because that’s what we want too.

What are you offering and what do you want to achieve?

We need to know better than anyone what kind of product, service, activity or whatever you are offering. For example, selling motorcycle clothing obviously requires a completely different approach than a campaign around your most important trade fair. And importantly, what do you want to achieve with the campaign? What are we aiming for?

What is happening in your market and who do you want to convince?

If we have worked with you a little longer, we probably already know it all. If not, we will sit down and carefully analyze the playing field. What is happening in your market, where are the opportunities, and where are the pitfalls? Importantly, what has been done before? We will also develop a clear picture of who to convince, where we can find these people, and what they need to be convinced of to become your customer.

Channel choice stress

The possibilities for reaching your target groups are just about endless. That sounds nice (and it is), but it doesn't make the search for the right campaign strategy any easier. But we don’t mind a challenge. In fact, although we cannot use everything, we always find the best combination of resources, channels and timing. Furthermore, we are certainly not afraid of doing things very differently than you might expect.

Surprising combinations

Sometimes the most surprising combinations of channels and activities are more successful than you might think. For example, we might broadcast your campaign on national radio, even if your stores don’t have national coverage. People may like you so much that they are willing to drive a hundred kilometers or so for you. Or we might combine a striking online campaign to the buyers of your insurance product with an "old school" direct marketing campaign to all the intermediaries you work with. Whatever it takes.

Budget, budget, budget

Talking about money sometimes seems taboo, but this is critical for your campaign. That budget must match your objectives. That doesn’t mean that you have to waste your entire marketing budget on it, but rather that you cannot expect miracles with a small budget. On the other hand, we like a challenge. Big ambitions with smaller budgets are sometimes also a good combination. Especially if we can implement a smart campaign strategy.

Hand-in-hand with your campaign concept

A promising campaign strategy goes hand-in-hand with a strong campaign concept. Because how you deliver the message is perhaps even more important than where and when you do it. You have to stand out so that you rise above the rest. You have to make sure you hit the right note so that you can influence your target groups in the best possible way. You simply need a good idea or, rather, a lot of good ideas.

Online campaigns

There is a good chance that (part of) your campaign will take place online - where your target audience is. So we look at the search terms that your target group uses to find you. And speaking of finding, we also want to know what your target group thinks. Through some smart tools, we collect real-time feedback from your public. But obviously without holding up any obvious signs that they have to laugh or applaud! Are you ready for the launch?