Web & app development

Web & app development: every pixel breathes your story

We do almost everything online. Ordering pizzas, booking holidays ... we are now even buying cars more and more in a webshop. But we also get our inspiration and information online. And because the average customer is spoilt for choice, that requires super user-friendly, flawless websites and apps! So once they have found their way to your website or app, nothing should stand in the way of perfect use. Everyone should be able to find their way smoothly, easily use the available tools, and buy without any errors. In addition, people need to know which brand they are guests of, so that you also need to work on the relationship and loyalty from that perspective.

A tempting website or app that always performs flawlessly everywhere and also looks slick? We will make it for you. Design, technology, functionality, creativity, usability… the works.

Webdesign and web development

People don't just visit a website. Why would they do that? They use a website. And they only do that if there’s something to be gained. Of course this will mainly be due to the content that ideally exceeds their expectations, but also because of the looks, routing, technology and operation of the website. That’s why we talk to groups of end users early on, let them test prototypes, and then use all the feedback to build an absolute gem of a website. But completely in line with your brand and how you want to be seen of course.

App development

Is everybody ‘appie?! Well we are certainly going to make a lot of people very happy with your app. Let's develop an app together that people will want to open more often than their Instagram or Facebook.

What we do to develop your website or app:

  • User profile: who will work with it, where and when will they use it, and what do they find important?
  • Function: what should your website or app do and mean for the users?
  • Environment: what similar website or apps are there, and what is their added value?
  • Design & development: based on flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes, we work towards the ideal interpretation, operation and look.

After the delivery of your website or app, you won’t get rid of us that easily! That’s because we continue to monitor, analyze, maintain, update and improve. The digital world never stands still and web & app development is absolutely our thing.

Applications and platforms

How smoothly do your business processes run? If you have to put everything in a spreadsheet manually, then there’s some work to be done. But even if you have already completed a large part of it, we can still help you achieve the next step.

CMS systems, web shops, management systems, ecommerce applications, management environments, intranet environments… we make complex systems accessible and, together with our customers, ensure that they are, and remain, a successful part of their business processes.

Roughly speaking, we follow these steps:

  • Inventorizing: what is your online strategy, what should your distribution involve, what systems do you have, what developments are coming, who does what, what happens to competitors, etc.
  • Concept development: a dedicated team brainstorms, develops the concept set-up, and records it accurately.
  • Technical and visual design: the team designs clickable wireframes and mockups.
  • Prototyping: the team develops a prototype and starts testing, testing, testing, optimizing, testing… until everyone is satisfied.
  • Launch: When all thumbs are up, your application will go live.

Is it ready now? Well, no. We are actually more addicted to analyzing, maintaining and improving your favorite app than you are. Just get ready for the launch!