Database management

It’s all about that database

Big data is not only booming, it’s also indispensable. Your data is your goldmine, the backbone of your brand and the basis for your decisions. Losing data is pure horror. And although we normally like a little excitement in our lives, in this respect we prefer to be extremely boring and solid: security first!

So we’ll help you with the hosting of your website and build a super-solid content management system (CMS) for you. And it’s certainly not a 'one size fits all' system. Of course not, it’s properly customized. We devise database solutions that are completely tailored to your processes, market, tooling, data and objectives. But we never make it unnecessarily complex - on the contrary. But if complexity is needed, then it’s a nice challenge for our smart guys.

Database management

Pieces of data without any context are just as useful as a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces without knowing what the picture is. And you certainly don't want that. In fact, it only become information when you know how to utilize the data and then you can do great things with it. Which is why it is so important that your database management is in order.

✓    Reliable data is easy to find and filter, enabling you to make the right decisions.

✓    The data is unambiguous: we ensure a database design which applies the correct techniques. This means that stored data is used sparingly and we ensure that the same data is not recorded multiple times.

✓    Making data transparent: based on your wishes, it is possible to exchange the data in real time with Business Intelligence software.

✓    You work faster because, with just a few clicks, you can retrieve exactly the information you need from your data base.

A selection of our database solutions

Many of our clients use online campaigns and have various tools and applications. For reasons of security and convenience, we offer you our own hosting. In fact, our help with data management is ideal for you if you:

  • Want a smooth and intuitive CMS that never surprises you.
  • Have or want an e-commerce application that is user-friendly and technically very well put together.
  • Want cloud hosting that allows you to sleep easily and stress free.

Oh, and not forgetting this ...

Although we think it’s important that your data is clearly structured, we also know that it’s important to be able to work with it properly. That's why we always provide the best user experience. So whether your solution is for internal or external use, all our solutions are designed based on the principles of user centered design. Okay, that means nothing more than 'the user is central', but that is crucial here.