The challenge

Bata Industrials is always on the move and seeking to innovate with improved safety shoes and durable work socks. Bata Industrials launched a new range of models called Radiance, all new products equipped with the latest high-tech materials. We were asked to develop an original and eye-catching product campaign for this exciting new product line. 

Our solution

Wow! Bata’s briefing was impressive. That’s just the way we like it. We quickly understood the unique selling point of the Radiance range. In addition to its sporty appearance and general comfort, it was the special Boosting Base Motion technology that gave the enormous power boost to this product line. So following a session with marketing and sales, we set the future course for the campaign.     

The result

Within no time at all, the market was up to speed with the new lightweight collection. And in particular with the Boosting Base Motion technology which gives your feet a power boost with every step you take in one of the new Radiance models. How did we make that happen? During the concept development stage we appealed to the brawny Boost Master Bob. This bearded tattooed man was there to introduce the collection in a very sporty way.