The challenge 

The Lindeboom brewery represents a truly local beer. With an impressive range of beers, including the six specialty beers from the award-winning sublabel ‘Gouverneur’. To truly seize every opportunity in this fast-growing category, Lindeboom asked us for our help to promote the Gouverneur line of beers.

Our solution 

We literally gave the beers a face. A tailored suit and a hipster beard. And suddenly there he was. A charming man, the Gouverneur, advocating the good life to the people of the Netherlands. Whether in the pub or at home, his message? Enjoy life. And try to make something special out of it. It proved a down to earth, but very strong foundation to build on.

The result

We set up a broad and wide-ranging brand platform with corporate communications, consumer branding, B2B activation, social media, packaging, promotion campaigns, events, and merchandising. And together with Blue Dragon, Lindeboom managed to capture a well-deserved spot in the range of specialty beers. Cheers Mr Gouverneur!