The challenge

Verus, the association for Catholic and Christian education, inspires, guides, and supports schools from the heart. Its aim is the fostering wellbeing, happiness, and the development of children and their environment. How can Verus get out of the office and closer to their target audience? For several years now, we’ve been the main strategic-creative partner and brand custodian of this association. So naturally we received this challenge with open arms. 

Our solution

Creating something that is intended for children and not for grown-ups? Yes! Together with production company Heilige Huisjes, we came up with an ideological campaign concept: the Week of Hope. We wanted to drive this concept through to each classroom of the affiliated Verus schools. This was absolutely crucial because once you start to learn how to hope at a young age, you will be more resilient, have a positive mindset, and have the best chance of being happy. 

The result

The Week of Hope kicked off with the launch of a website, app, and the publication of videos. That enabled us to initiate a conversation about hope in many primary and secondary school classrooms. By letting the children play, they grew familiar with the education material that was integrated into the app. We also stimulated the children to share their stories of hope with their close circle and the wider environment.